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Steele Public Library

Library Rules

General rules and code of conduct for the library


All library patrons are expected to conform to the rules listed below.  Persons violating these rules may be instructed by a person in authority to leave the building.  Failure to leave as instructed constitutes trespassing. Whenever necessary, police will be contacted. 

  1. Disorderly conduct is prohibited.
  2. Physical abuse, assault on another person, or the use of abusive, insulting or threatening language to a person in the building shall be cause for removal of the offending party or parties.
  3. Persons intoxicated from alcohol or other drugs will be advised to leave the premises.
  4. Improper acts, which are subjected to prosecution under criminal or civil codes of law, are prohibited.
  5. Smoking, food and drink are not permitted in the library.
  6. Guide dogs for the physically disabled are admitted but other animals or pets are to remain outside the building.
  7. Children younger than 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times. An effort will be made to contact the parents of unattended children.  Children who are causing a disturbance will be dealt with as the need arises.  Children remaining on the premises after closing time will be reported to the County Juvenile Officer.
  8. No loud talking or boisterous behavior (running, play fighting, etc.)
  9. No destruction or mutilation of library property
  • If the use of cell phones is necessary, please be considerate of others in the library. Do not talk loudly, or place your call on speaker.

Anyone known to have violated any of the above rules or anyone known to have habitually violated the law may be excluded from the library as a matter of administrative policy.  The Steele Police Department will be contacted for severe instances.

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