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Steele Public Library

Collection Development Policy

Policy concerning how the library selects materials

Collection Development


The purpose of the Steele Public Library materials collection is to provide resources to assist individuals in their pursuit of educational objectives, intellectual and emotional health, the enjoyment of leisure time and practical solutions to daily problems.  The library is responsible to its potential constituency to announce this purpose statement, to evaluate and alter it as the community changes and to increase the opportunity for all potential users of its resources to achieve their purposes through the library.

The library keeps the collection vital and useful by retaining or replacing essential materials, and by removing, on a systematic and continuous bases, those works that are worn, outdated, of little historical significance, or no longer in demand.  Materials that are removed from the library collection may or may not be made available for public purchase at book sales.

The Steele Public Library endeavors to build a collection representing varying points of view.  The choice of library materials by users is an individual matter.  Responsibility for the reading materials of children and adolescents rests with their parents or legal guardians.  While a person may reject materials for himself or herself and for his or her children, he or she cannot exercise censorship to restrict access to the materials by others.  The library supports intellectual freedom and has adopted the following statements as policy:  ALA Freedom to Read Statement, ALA Library of Rights and the Freedom to View statement of the American Film and Video Association.

Requests for reconsideration may be made only by registered patrons, and shall be made in writing and given to the library director for a written response.  Appeals are directed to the Board for final decision.




The Purpose Statement assumes specific definitions for the term “Resources” and for the four categories of activity to which these resources are directed.  The term “Resource” includes:

  1. Print and non-print materials available within the Steele Public Library.
  2. Electronic database resources
  3. Resources in other libraries or locations to which the library may achieve access through interlibrary loan or a similar resource sharing process.

These resources respond to four categories of activity:

  1. Resources for Education
  2. Materials that supplement the formal curriculum of primary, secondary and post-secondary schools.
  3. Materials that support self-education pursued apart from a structured or formal program.
  4. Resources for Emotional and Intellectual Growth

Material that satisfy a personal need and relate to self-directed attempts at personal understanding and personal growth.  The acquisition of these materials represents a commitment to the improvement of the quality of life of the individual.

  1. Resources that Enhance the Enjoyment of Leisure Time

Materials purchased as a source of pleasure and fun for the user.  These materials are not purchased as goal-oriented items, and therefore acquisitions decisions may rest more heavily upon the potential pleasure to be derived by the user than the critical appraisal of the materials.

  1. Resources that Assist in the Practical Solution of Daily Problems
  2. Materials that empower the individual to live more independently.
  3. Materials generally directed at the solution of short-term problems.
  4. Materials that help individuals save money, improve health, save time, etc.


velopment policy here.

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